Hardly contained by any time period or reference frame, Maxime Simon’s artworks are built upon a vast corpus of images that the artist merges together in colorful compositions.

Heavily inspired by outsider art, Simon wishes to shed any overy intellectual statement and focus on the sensual, compulsive aspects of art production and the emotional connexion between the painting and it’s viewer.

These watercolor compositions oscillate from extremely meticulous and highly codified to naive shapes and colors, exploring images and myths upon which our identities are built. Often serial and modular, the artworks are akin to articulated systems and are meant to be activated by the viewer, may it be from his/her movement or physical interaction.

This idea of multiple senses interactions, through the use of specifically created perfumes, variable textures or randomly generated associations seen in his Tarot series, aims to redefine the relationship between the viewer/activator and the artwork.

This, in turn, includes the viewer into the artistic process as for Maxime Simon, the artwork is not only on the canvas, it is the emotions and thoughts that exist within the mind of the viewer when he/she comes into contact with it.