Mixing varied iconographies, from founding myths to pop culture and sacred art, I wish to produce a corpus of artworks resounding with a collective unconscious.

It is to establish a direct, almost subliminal, link between the viewer and the artwork by using an instinctive and universal language.


Heavily influenced by Murakami, Jung and Mackinnon, I place at the center of my work the relationship between myths, spirituality and games. Being part of an overexposed, overstimulated generation, I aim to define an identity.

Taking inspiration from the uninterrupted flow of content that is the internet, these images come together and become the raw materials of my production.


This identity that I am looking for is constituted of a raw, innate knowledge, source of a deep, achronic and atavistic emotion that I use in order to try and trigger a connection between the viewer and the artwork.


Eros y Thanatos, 2020

Watercolor on Paper

100 x 57 cm