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In 2016, through the “What’s Become of These gods of Ours” serie, Maxime Simon explores the notions of belief, ideals and faith.


Inspired by David Hume’s work and his idea of faith being an essential and natural trait of humanity, this serie aims to depict what would have replaced religion in a secular, western society.


Major brands and companies are represented as deities, following the classical means of representation, their logos, colors, or defining traits are converted into attributes. The composition borrows also to sacred icons, with a field of copper leaves hinting at the celestial realm, normally represented with gold, here replaced with copper, the key component of wires in which these deities reside.


Venus Youporn and Efukt, 2016

Watercolor on Wood and Gesso

150 x 100 cm

Parcea Facebook, Google and Youtube.jpg

Parcae Facebook, Youtube and Google, 2016

Watercolor on Wood and Gesso

150 x 100 cm

Innocent X (2).jpg

Innocent X, 2017

Watercolor on Wood and Gesso

250 x 120 cm

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